Environmental policy

Aebi Schmidt Sweden AB with its business operations in Skänninge is a part of the Aebi Schmidt Group, the world's leading provider within the field of street, road and airport maintenance. We sell, develop and market equipment and machines for the cleaning of the external environment.


Environmental issues are prioritised at the highest level by management and we always strive to produce environmental evaluations in connection with our business operations which also comply with applicable environmental standards – legislation and other environmental requirements.


We work to achieve continuous improvements, among other things, through the development of processes and products that aim to minimise resource use, noise and pollution in the air, ground and water. Our focus is to over time reduce emissions of air pollutants and the consumption of fossil fuels in connection with personal transport.


Our employees are motivated and receive continuous training in order to carry out their duties in an environmentally responsible and safe manner.


Mette Engström, Managing Director